2019 info for BSF attendees

What is different from previous years?

On Saturday night we’re going to start with the cabaret at 9pm. Please arrive at the venue at 8.45pm so we can get everyone seated. In previous years we’ve put the cabaret half way through the night and it’s difficult stopping the dance and making space for the performers. We also want to get as much uninterrupted dancing as possible so we’re going to start the night with the cabaret, just as we do on Monday before the tea dance.

We will be using a different venue for the after party; The Loco Klub by Temple Meads station.

As we have to hire The Loco Klub from 11pm – 3am, we have decided to start the Sunday night dance an hour earlier at 8pm with the first band set at 9pm, second set at 10.45pm. There will not be a competition on Sunday so social dancing time is maximised. The parties will cross over and we hope to have everyone down at Loco by midnight.


Daytime classes: Circomedia, Britannia Rd, Kingswood, BS15 8DB
Evening dances: Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, BS2 0NW
Late night: The Loco Klub, by Temple Meads Station, Clock Tower Yard BS1 6QH  (maps will be available on Sunday to help you get there)

NB Circomedia has two sites, don’t go to Portland Square

Social passes

Your ticket includes 3 nights at Trinity as well as the late night at The Loco Klub. It doesn’t include the tea dance on Monday


Fri night 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Sat morning 10am – 12 noon
Sat night 8.45pm – 10.30pm
Sun night 8.00pm – 9.00pm

If you can’t arrive during those times then please text Heather 07891 090 743 to let her know when you’ll arrive. She will let security know to expect you, otherwise you won’t be able to get in to the dances.

Dance classes

All tracks take place 11am-3pm on Sat/Sun/Mon.
The detailed schedule available as an attachment, online at BSF and at registration will show which room you are in and the break times. We have staggered the break times to reduce waiting times in the cafe. (You are also welcome to bring your own food.)

Choreo & Savoy tracks

If you want lunch from the on-site cafe, then you will need to pre-order and pay at 10.45am in the classroom. Your lunch will then be delivered to the class room.
This is because there isn’t enough space or time for all five tracks to use the cafe at lunchtime.


During the day you will need to bring a water bottle to fill up. We’ll have a few water containers around the site. If you forget, you’ll be able to buy a bottle in the cafe.
At night, water & cups will be available from the bar.

Taster Classes: What do you need to bring?

Circus Tasters: scroll down for a list of what to bring, especially important for chinese pole and aerial disciplines. Please bring trainers and jeans for Chinese Pole.

Circus Taster Classes: What will you be doing & where? 

We will distribute your timetables on Saturday morning.
Some people will have 4 hours, most have 5. Everyone has been granted at least their first 3 choices, many have 4 choices.

Circus Taster Classes: What if i didn’t fill in my choices or need to change?

Please come and see Stephen or Elly at registrations and we’ll tell you what is still available.

Evening food & drinks

There will be a full bar and full food menu available at Trinity, please don’t bring anything of your own.
There will be a food truck outside the venue. This year we have chosen a crepe stall with sweet and savory crepe options. It will be open from 6.30pm on Friday.

Late night food & drinks

The after-party at Loco Klub has a full bar.
We are hoping to be able to offer the usual toast and tea/coffee available but we’re still in discussions with the venue.

Essential information for circus tasters 

It is very important that you wear appropriate clothing for safety and to protect your skin. What you need to bring depends on which circus skills you have chosen:
Trapeze/Aerial Hoop/Rope/Silks – wear long-sleeved tops and leggings, two pairs are more comfortable, definitely no baggy or tight restricting clothes. Sports bras recommended.
Chinese pole – it is essential to wear jeans, and leggings underneath are strongly advised. And trainers with good grip that can be tied very tightly.
Everything else – clothes you can move freely in, nothing loose or sharp that could catch you or others.
We will ask you to fill in a disclaimer form at registration. If this identifies any risks please discuss these with your circus teacher.